50/50% Anglo Mare.

Rumor was bred, started and campaigned by Abbeywood Stud in Queensland. She is a retired Yellow Book endurance horse with many kilometres to her name and a Tom Quilty completion.

She has been an excellent broodmare for Almazaan and has now since retired. She has been the producer of super Anglo foals to different stallions. Almazaan Rumor Has It and Almazaan La Lola , both lovely Anglo fillies tragically had catastrophic paddock accidents as young horses in seperate incidents. Almazaan Allegro, 75% Anglo gelding has just started under saddle as a 5 year old and Almazaan The Magician, is a beautiful 2 year old chestnut gelding still growing up in our paddock.

Photo Credit Sharon Meyers


75%TB 25% Arabian.

Julia is  our oldest broodmares. She was purpose bred for dressage, and also puddled in some endurance kms at her previous home.

She is pictured here with her first  2011 Almazaan Partbred Arabian Colt Foal, Almazaan Billionaire (PG24609 ). Sire: WB Stallion Byalee Briar.( SOLD)

Julia has also produced a lovely warmblood filly by Riverside, Almazaan Rhapsody( IMP) (SOLD) and an Anglo colt by Adras(IMP), Almazaan Aero, who is currently growing up in the paddock.

At 27 years of age, Julia has been retired as a broodmare, but she does make an excellent babysitter.


50/50% Anglo

Bred at Abbeywood Stud in Queensland,Spice has numerous succesful siblings both in Australia and overseas.

She never quite managed to start her ridden career and instead has been a valuble broodmare for Almazaan. She has produced several outstanding foals by different stallions. Almazaan Elementary, partbred palomino gelding by Odyssey White Tiger, who started his endurance career in 2019, Almazaan Everything Nice, Anglo filly, who has just had a foal of her own and who is also soon to start under saddle and Almazaan Bewitched, a stunning, tall, blingy chestnut filly (now 2 year old)  by our stallion, Cheval Arabe A Little Magic. We have kept all of Spice's foals.

With our breeding program changing direction, Spice has returned to Abbeywood stud and has since foaled a beautiful chestnut colt by our stallion, Cheval Arabe A Little Magic.




 Purebred Arabian 

 Bred at Abbeywood Stud in Queensland,Chance was purpose bred for endurance competition. Despite the height in her genes Chance has remained of short stature, but she has wonderful conformation and fabulous attributes which she has passed on her to her progeny, and she has given us two beautiful foals by two different stallions. Almazaan Artemas by Adras(IMP) who is about to be started under saddle and Almazaan Spellbound, 2 year old, blingy chestnut filly by Cheval Arabe A Little Magic.

Chance has returned to Abbeywood stud and produced an outstanding purebred colt by our stallion Cheval Arabe A Little Magic


Purebred Arabian

Angel was bred at Abbeywood Stud in Queensland.

She was shown with success and in 2012 commenced her Endurance career as an older mare with great results with her teenage rider ( see our COMPETITION HORSES PAGE).

Since her forced retirement due to injury,Angel has produced one lovely colt, Almazaan Armani by Adras( IMP) who is now 4 years of age and about to start his ridden career having had some limited outings as a halter horse.

Angel is now a much loved retiree 


Purebred Arabian 90% Crabbet

Tessa was bred at A-Landell Stud and  is a stunning tall mare.She is bred in the purple for endurance  with multipe successful siblings.

Purchased specifically for her bloodlines and outstanding type and movement, Tessa has produced three super foals for us by three different stallions. She is very strong over her foals and the likeness is uncanny. Her eldest filly, Almazaan Summer Haze has qualifed as an yellow book horse in 2019. Her colt foal, Almazaan Archer, sold to No Regret Endurance in Queensland, and her youngest filly, Almazaan Hocus Pocus, by our stallion Cheval Arabe A Little Magic is being retained.


Warmblood ( Oldenburg)

Bred at Templeton Warmbloods, this outstanding, beautiful grey mare has a presence of her own making.She has exquisite international bloodlines being by the world famous Warmblood Stallion De Niro and out of Templeton Si Joli (Salute).

Amongst other achievements as a young filly, DL scored 78.95% with German Oldenburg Verband classifiers at the ACE/Oldenburg Verband Tour in 2004.  She was the top scoring female overall. Sadly her illustrious career was ended when she fractured her pelvis as a 2 year old. However DL has gone on to prove her worth as an outstanding broodmare since then.

Since arriving at Almazaan,DL has produced three foals.

Her stunning filly, Almazaan Chantilly Lace by Versace( IMP) is being retained and was ACE PREMIUM assessed.

Soon to start her halter career and to be ACE assessed is her 3 year old filly by Stedinger( IMP). Almazaan Scarlett Kiss will be for sale to the very best of performance homes.

She has had several foals by IFS stallion, Fidertanz and her last colt foal. Almazaan Fiderniro, sold to a performance home in Victoria.