Almazaan Astaire( pend) Purebred Colt Adras x Millers Park Tahlia


This is one of my favourite times of the year-BREEDING SEASON!

We were kept busy through the months of December to February with the safe arrival of 4 new foals . Adras was kept busy at public stud and with our own mares.We had time to work with the youngstock and work with the WBs while our Endurance horses continued their break.

 One of the driest summers ever here in the Adelaide Hills we were  threatened in the first 2 days of the New Year with a huge, terrifying bushfire, with the fire looming only 6kms from home it was time to tackle evacuation of as many of the horses as we could thought we could get out. I didnt expect to be able to shift the 30 horses residing here at the time, but horsie friends and friends of friends came out of the woodwork to help and shift 30 horses we did!

We were very fortunate to have the winds settle  and change direction. Our property remained untouched. Some of our beautiful training grounds in the Kersbrook forests were lost and its hard to imagine them ever being restored to their former glory. Still, we are all thankful that no lives were lost. 

Kevin Coppalotti photo credit

JUNE 2015

June saw the running of the 50th Annivesary Tom Quilty Gold Cup held at Del Rio in NSW. We took 2 horses across to compete, Abbey and Diva. Diva being our newly aquired yellow book mare from Brisbane. Diva and I vetted out lame at the end of the 3rd leg, but Alannah and Abbey went on to gain Alannah her first Quilty buckle from one attempt and for Abbey, 2 from 2. SO proud of both these girls.  They completed the course 84th MWT in 19hours 25minutes. I think Alannah was asleep in the saddle when they rode over that finish line.  Very happy Mum!


Well ,what can I say. Im not sure words could possibly describe my first attempt and completion at Shahzada. So in awe of our little mare, so willing to go out day after day and give it her best shot. 45hours and 30mins and she never said no. We were nominated for the best managed ribbon awards , which made my heart sing. Abbey isnt the easiest horse in the world to manage and her welfare was paramount. It is a bit nerve racking when you have never ridden a marathon ride before and have none of your own experience to draw from. Shahzada is such an amazing experience and everyone is helpful and positive and willing you on. Fabulous experience and I cant recommend it highly enough!


Well there seem to be no choice  but to give the BIG 3 a go. Abbey was on a roll. So with another big rest under her belt we lined up for our own SAERA Sate Championships. I havent had the best record at home and I was keen to break the habit. Abbey as usual just got on with the job. 13hours and 50 minutes and 2nd MWT was a very nice way to finish off the 2015 season.

After this amazing effort I decided to call it a good finish to a fabulous year of Endurance Riding. Abbey clocked 1045 of competitive kms! Time for 3 months off, paddock rest and just getting to be a horse.



Abbey brought home some lovely ribbons at the SAERA presentation, the icing on the cake being her 2000km distance sash! May there be many many more...

With the endurance season coming to an end it was time to concentrate on the pregnant mares and foaling down. 

Within the last week of November we welcomed two new colts out of maiden mares, Abbeywod Chanel, and Abbeywood Angel. Both lovely athletic boys stamped well and truly by Adras.

Both mares coped beautifully as first time Mums and the colts are looking fabulous. (Please visit our foals page for photos of the new boys)