Photo Credit: Kevin Coppalotti

October 2016

Well the 2016 Tom Quilty Gold Cup Event has been ridden and completed, and I doubt I will EVER forget this ride. The conditions leading up to the event saw the course being inundated with rainfall and it rapidly deteriated. Somehow we made it through the mud that had horses falling over and riders falling off, horses floundering in belly deep mud puddles...Suffice to say that I am more than happy to never to have to ride over a first leg like that EVER again! In true Abbey style, she soldiered on despite the conditions and with a rerouting of the course we made it over the finish line!

December 2016

Abbey and I have had a fabulous successful year of endurance competition. Clocking up Abbey's 3000km sash and another year without a vet out. She finished the year as the First Place National 100% completion MWT horse which I am very proud of.

Presentation night for the end of the season saw Abbey and I take home a large prize pool! 2016 was my most successful year to date since I started this fabulous sport 10 years ago. But truly it is all about the horse, and I am very fortunate to have this little grey mare who puts her heart and soul into everything she give me...

Our results included: 

MWT division:

1st Distance Rider, 2nd Points Rider

 1st Distance Horse and 2nd Points Horse,

and together we won One Horse/One Rider. 

We then went on to win the following Perpetual Trophies:  
The Glen Gillian Trophy
The Ian Llewellyn Jones Trophy
The Niobe Distance Horse
The SAERA Endurance Rider
The AERA Shield and
The Achievement Award

For the second year in a row Abbey completed the Big 3-  SAERA State Championship 160km over our Quilty course for 2017, Shahzada400 and Tom Quilty Gold Cup held in Victoria this year.

I have to thank all those people who support Abbey and I along the way, from my friends and family to my farrier and body worker. We havent been this successful by doing it all on our own! THANKYOU!