2015 FOALS

Without really intending to we have had our first breeding season with purebred Arabian foals only and in no way are we even slightly disappointed. Adras has stamped his progeny well and truly with his lovely type, strength and trainable temperaments and our reliable bunch of broodies have added all the best that they have to offer as dams. 

Please welcome the new kids for the season. 



SIRE: Adras

DAM:Abbeywood Chanel

Purebred Arabian colt

Arti is a cracker of a colt. I never expected anything less out of the athletic combination of dam and sire. Athletic movement and fabulous conformation this young man is sure to impress and excel under saddle in the future. 



SIRE: Adras

DAM: Abbeywood Angel

Purebred Arabian Colt

Another fabulous colt arrives in broad daylight. Thanks Angel!

Armani is a delight to watch as he has movement and comformation to match along with a beautiful head.We have consolidated on Polish lines in this colt and it shows!



SIRE: Adras

DAM: A-Landell Contessa

Purebred Arabian Colt

Archer arrived in the middle of the afternoon.The girls are making the foal watch easy this season!

Archer has the best of both his parents and has inherited the bone and type that comes from adding high % Crabbet bloodlines that his dam carries.

He has so much strength and balance with a lovely head to go with it.I am going to have my work cut out deciding when and if to geld these boys!



SIRE: Adras

DAM:Millers Park Tahlia 

Purebred Arabian Colt

Apollo is very much like his older full brother A.Astaire. I expect him to grow taller however as he is a more leggy colt. Our final foal for the season and I cant quite believe we had four colts! Filly fairy on holidays it would appear!